February 15, 2011

Welcome To The Del Valle Archives. There'll be food and drink and....ghosts!

Welcome to THE DEL VALLE ARCHIVES. For the past few months, in fact, ever since my first book of Hollywood recollections LOST HORIZONS BENEATH THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN was published by BearManor Media, I have been planning to create a website for my own personal blogging. To discuss
in greater detail the things that catch my eye within the current wave of Hollywood fare...not always a good thing but hey I am hooked on the cinema and will follow it where ever it takes me. In the future I hope
to share my reviews, recollections and most importantly my lifetime of accumulating all things fantastique.
----David Del Valle


  1. Can't wait to follow you on your journey!!!!

  2. I was really waiting for your own website, and can't be more pleased and impatient !...