August 7, 2013

The wonderful Mary Woronov seen here with me in April  and below with her co star from EATING RAOUL the late Paul Bartel.  they were reunited as their characters Paul and Mary Bland in Jim Wynorski"s CHOPPING MALL.  I worked one day on this film the result being a cameo with the producer Julie Corman and her baby. We were placed in front of a booth on the ground floor of the Sherman Oaks Galleria that sold teddy bears....Jim asked me to wear a Halloween orange and black short sleeved shirt now you can see us if you can catch the scene which was edited into the opening title montage of flash forwarding crowds at the mall.  At this time of filming both Mary and Paul had a screenplay already in the works for their characters The Blands to be called BLAND AMBITION....the scirpt opened where EATING RAOUL left off with Paul and Mary cooking in their dream cafe CHEZ BLAND and of course they realize what they must do to attract more customers and dispatch those diners who prove less than appetizing after desert.

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